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I can’t stop making Anthony Davis Frida Kahlo paintings. 

If you have not taken an art history class you just wont get it 


everything i read says women like guys that are funny, the best way to get a girl is humor, and so on. so one of two things is happening

1. its not true 

2. im actually not funny

im just going to go with its not true

Saw this and figured why not

  • A: Who do you like and Why? 
  • somebody that i have no chance with
  • B: Have you ever been in love? If yes, how many times, and how do you know it was love?
  • I think once. the reason i think i was is because, what made me happiest was seeing them happy.
  • C: Longest relationship you’ve ever been in, and why did it end?
  • 0 days 0 min 0 sec. 
  • D: Have you ever changed for someone, if yes, how?
  • yes, on going process. it never works though
  • E: Pretend I’m you ex, what do you want to say to me?
  • looks like i’m talking to a wall
  • F: Have you ever been cheated on?
  • no, but i do think i have been taken advantage/deceived of in friendships
  • G: Have you ever cheated?
  • Nope.
  • H: Would you date someone who’s know for cheating, if yes why?
  • Nope.
  • I: What’s the most important part of a relationship?
  • Being friends first
  • J: Do you like to be in serious relationships or just flings?
  • serious, heck i just want somebody that wants me
  • K: When you are dating someone do you believe in going on “breaks”?
  • Nope, either stick it out or breakup. if you have to “take a break” you clearly have no communication to work it out
  • L: How many people have you ever hooked up with?
  • 0 that would count holding hands
  • M: What’s one thing you regret saying or not saying, doing or not doing in a previous relationship?
  • waiting to long to tell them how i felt. would have been a lot easier on myself had i said something before we became really good friends.
  • N: What age do you think is appropriate for kids to start having sex?
  • college-ish i dont really know. 
  • O: Do you believe in the phrase, “Age is just a number?” Why or why not?
  • no.
  • P: What about “Love at first sight”? Why or why not?
  • most of the people that i have liked it didn’t work that way. but there was once that i met the person and there was just something about them and the more i got to know them the better it got.
  • Q: Turn on’s? 
  • having an edge some sass, and being witty 
  • R: Turn off’s?
  • smoking, “getting around”
  • S: What do you consider a deal breaker?
  • being stupid
  • T: How do you know it’s time to end a relationship?
  • When you no longer will do anything to make them happy
  • U: Are you currently in a relationship? If yes, for how long? If no, how long have you been single?
  • single and ready to mingle, as of january 22, 1992
  • V: Do you think people who have dated can stay friends?
  • not a chance. if somebody says that they are currently then they are clearly the person that broke it off. 
  • W: Do you think people should date their friends?
  • don’t try it. learned the hard way. BIGGEST regret.
  • X: How many relationships have you had?
  • 0.
  • Y: Do you think love can last forever?
  • If it doesn’t then it’s not love
  • Z: Do you believe love can conquer all things?
  • no
  • 1: Would you break up with someone your parents didn’t approve of?
  • sounds bad but yes. my parents just want me to be happy and they wouldn’t say something unless there was a reason
  • 2: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice about dating what would it be?
  • be more out going, and dont care what others think. half the people you think care about you really don’t so why worry about people you might meet once or twice. just go for it.
  • 3: Do you think long distance relationships can work? Why or why not?
  • no. not unless its for a specific time period like a couple months or so
  • 4: What do you notice first about another person?
  • presence in the roo,m
  • 5: Do gay, lesbians, bisexuals or transgender people bother you?
  • not if they act normal in public 

hahaha this is totally me





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